LULU LUSH was getting cliental via word-of-mouth, and was ready to take the business to the next level.

Website * SEO * Marketing * Consulting

The growth of LULU LUSH since working with Aloha Web Designs has been phenomenal. The founder of LULU LUSH had already grown a name for her self just by her level of service and the quality of her work. So it was just our job to portray this online, and to help the business to turn on a stream of steady cliental, with a search engine optimized website, and consulting which inspired LULU LUSH to start advertising on major sites within her industry.

Update: One year later after working with LULU LUSH, the Kauai, HI based solo entrepreneur and beauty stylist has grown so much that she has had to build a team of other talented artist to handled the increase in business. 


Maximizing Online Reach With Paid Ads